How Does a Project Happen?

A building doesn’t just fall out of the sky.

There’s a basic process that’s common to every project, whether it’s a house, a school, a stadium, a skyscraper.

First, there’s a need for a specific project.

A preliminary proposal with a cost estimate is developed, and money is raised.

Then, the planning and design begin.

Planners (usually for large scale neighborhoods or complexes), architects, and engineers collaborate to create the building, using software or traditional hand-drawn plans and, in some cases, computer-based models.

Approvals must be obtained.

Local governmental agencies provide the green light.

And finally, the project plans get real.

Ground is broken, and workers in dozens of trades begin to build. Architects supervise construction to make sure their plans and drawings are faithfully carried out.

Next stop.

Completion, ribbon-cutting, and celebratory champagne for satisfied building users and owners.

Architects Score with
Mercedes Benz Stadium

The iconic new home for a soccer team? Atlanta United FC is a major win for fans and the city of Atlanta. Its innovative retractable roof features eight triangular panels that wrap the stadium and move together along individual tracks, much like the eye of a camera opening and closing. Fans can choose from many seating options and vantage points, while a 360-degree HD halo video board built into the roof means there are clear views from every seat. Plus, the stadium can be quickly reconfigured for the Atlanta Falcons. The stadium is perfectly positioned to meet another goal: spurring new development in the surrounding neighborhoods.

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